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Your food, home cooked, on demand

Choose your healthy food and save your money for today

Share your tasty meal

Show your cookin skills, share your tasty food, earn money

But Fasteas, What's this ?

we can't go to restaurant everyday it's costly, and eat Fast food like Big mac or whooper is bad for our health so we think that you desserve better than this, you can order and choose your food in our app by local people near to you who cook it or if you cook a great meal, you can share it with others, so you can put it on Fasteas.

In ONE click you can

T'as envie d'un plat pour midi
spécifie tes choix (italien, casher...)
regarder les plats proches de vous
choisir le mode de payement (espece ou Onligne)
tchatter avec la personne
Commander avec un simple click

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